About Us

We are here to encourage the world to pause, reconnect and breathe.
After more than two decades of breaking boundaries in the creative, fashion and entertainment industries, CEO, agent, model, gymnast, choreographer and mother of two Aicha McKenzie launched BreatheByAMCK.


 To the outside world, Aicha had handled many multitudes with grace – as easily as she breathed in and out. But the hectic lifestyle was taking its toll. In the midst of a breakdown, Aicha was experiencing the worst of the chronic physical symptoms of anxiety. These afflictions, which included panic attacks, physical pain and insomnia, were the inevitable result of being all things, to all people, all the time. When Aicha looked deeper, she recognised the same flashing warning signs in her peers, and she knew there was something fundamentally wrong with the way we’re expected to hustle. We are usually overwhelmed and at risk of the burnout. 

 Aicha was drawn back to what she already instinctively knew:

The fundamental, transformative magic of the mind-breath-body connection.

Stripping everything back to control and focusing deeply on her breath transformed her mental health for years to come. After this, Aicha knew it would help so many like her to live their best lives too. That is how AMCK Fit was born. Think of it as a concierge wellness service delivering Calm for Creatives programmes directly to people who work in the fashion, creative and entertainment industries. Our programmes transformed lives of various industry clients – from the stars on-site at the MTV European Music Awards, all the way to the design studio at Stella McCartney, hosting yoga in the backstage artist SPA and dressing rooms at the BRIT Awards. 





Aicha was keen to bring her revolutionary methods to businesses - from group sessions in Sony Music Entertainment offices to members of the Soho House Group and models on set at fashion shoots.


In between these live sessions transporting artists' minds away from the demands of their day, Aicha was hand-pouring and mixing her specialist products at home in London. These potions centred around her method were designed to bring the practice to life. The BreatheByAMCK Breathe Mist, the first of its kind, was born!

BreatheByAMCK you see today was born to bring you access to this red-roped world. By diving into the tranquil waters of the BreatheByAMCK system, you will discover your breath as a practical tool you can use to Balance, Reset, Energise, Activate, Transform, Heal and Exhale. Our digital wellbeing programmes and breathing mists were conceived to optimise your breath’s potential, to alleviate stress and help you lead a more connected and healthy life. 

We could go on and on, but you won’t believe us until you’ve finished your first thirty days.


Delve in, and let your breath change your life. 

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Breathe, the universe has got you.

Aicha McKenzie is a certified breath coach and yoga teacher (including ante and post-natal), and she is registered to work with children. She has studied TCM and Yin Yoga and is a certified mental-health first aider. She brings an inclusive trauma-informed nature to her work.