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We offer simple breathwork solutions to transform your mind and body, relieving the stress of everyday life through our Breathe programmes, classes, and workshops, coupled with our essential oil Breathe Mist to enhance your wellness practice.

You have 0% control over what happens to you, but 100% control over how you experience it. Find your best Breathe programme today - take the quiz to receive a personalised solution tailored to your needs.

"Aicha helps busy and successful people decompress and reconnect with themselves." - Forbes.

"The penultimate pillar in Aicha McKenzie's Breathe practice is about using deep belly breathing to heal your mind and body. Use in moments of stress or anxiety to help you relax, slow down your breathing and lower your heart rate." - Soho House

"BreatheByAMCK Mist helps you connect more deeply to your breathwork." - Red

"Now THAT'S wellness." - Women's Health

"Give breathing with Aicha a try, enjoy and let go." - Fearne Cotton's Happy Place

"Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t. It’s super simple and will only take ten minutes from your daily routine." - Marie Claire

Classes and Workshops

Regular Sunday Breathe classes, exclusive collaborations and special guests - all you need to be an insider of the Breathe world.

Classes and Workshops

Wellness Programmes

Mindfully making changes to get into a better place in life can be one of the most daunting decisions to make. We have designed a range of wellness programmes that can guide you wherever you are. Maybe that's before a big meeting, when you can't fall asleep, or whenever you find yourself in the afternoon slump.

Wellness Programmes

Breathe Mists

A carefully crafted essential oil mist to deepen and enhance your daily wellness practice.

Breathe Mists

We all breathe.

We can't live without it. What if I told you that breath has the power to help you thrive, not just survive? There is a stress epidemic going on. I think I’d struggle to find anyone who hasn’t, either knowingly or unknowingly, experienced negative side effects due to neglecting the optimum potential of their breath.

Everyone benefits from the improved stress response we gain from increased breathing functionality.

How you breathe determines how you feel.




Whether it’s work vs life, heart vs mind, rest vs play; it seems we are in a constant battle to find happiness. Happiness lies within our own connection and alignment. This programme will help you feel more aware, connected,
and balanced.


Sleep is essential. It is as important as eating, drinking and breathing. Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and night sweats are all symptomatic of stress and anxiety. In this programme you will train your diaphragm, enabling you to breathe more deeply, lower your heart rate and regulate your body temperature.


If you feel like your energy is low or you’re lacking self-confidence, the Energise programme is for you! Do you struggle to concentrate and make decisions? You’ll learn to breathe more efficiently, conserving and generating energy and gaining clarity.

About Aicha

Aicha is a certified breath coach, including antenatal and postnatal practices, and is registered to work with children. In addition to having collaborated with the world's greatest performance coaches in a sporting role, she is also a qualified mental health first aider and has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Aicha is an entrepreneur, a founder of an award-winning agency AMCK, and a mother of two.

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"It smells amazing. What a beautiful way to start your day. Inhale the magic!"

Lisa Snowdon

"I can't believe the feeling it left me with. It opened my eyes to how important breathing is."

Jane Smith

"I got emotional. I found my flow, my breath, and felt fully connected to my body. This will stay with me."

Melissa Jones

Our Mission


Breathe, the universe has got you.