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You have 0% control over what happens to you, but 100% control over how you experience it.


We all breathe. We can’t live without it.

What if I told you that breath has the power to help you thrive, not just survive?

There is a stress epidemic. I think I’d struggle to find
anyone who hasn’t, either knowingly or unknowingly, experienced negative side
effects due to neglecting the optimum potential of their breath.  Everyone benefits from the improved stress
response we gain from increased breathing functionality.

How you breathe determines how you feel.




Whether it’s work/life, heart/mind, rest/play, it seems we
are in a constant battle to find our happiness. Happiness lies within our own connection and alignment. This programme will help you feel more aware, connected,
and balanced.


Sleep is essential. It’s as important as eating, drinking
and breathing. Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and night sweats are all symptomatic of stress and anxiety. In this programme you will train your diaphragm, enabling you to breathe more deeply, lower your heart rate and
regulate your body temperature.


Do you find yourself struggling to concentrate and make
decisions? If you feel like your energy is low, you’re lacking self-confidence or experience social anxiety, this programme is for you! You’ll learn to breathe more efficiently, conserving and generating energy and gaining clarity.

"Aicha helps busy and successful people decompress and reconnect with themselves." - Forbes.

BreatheByAMCK Mist helps you connect more deeply to your breathwork.

Now THAT'S wellness.

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"Taking a moment to breathe each day changed my life in the long run."

What if I told you that to gain purpose, gratitude and clarity, all we need to do is breathe?

Get ready to rekindle your relationships, regain control, improve focus and develop deeper and more meaningful connections.

Because we offer a breathing routine that works.

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"I knew the change was coming"

Whilst experiencing the symptoms of anxiety and trying to understand what she is going through, Aicha was drawn back to what she already instinctively knew: the fundamental magic of the mind-breath-body connection.

"BreatheByAMCK idea was born"

Aicha realised something very crucial as she dug deeper into her inner world: recognising that you need to alter something to feel your best self again was the first step in her transformative healing journey.

Witnessing how much her wellness practice had helped her transform her inner mental, physical and spiritual world, Aicha knew she must share her secrets with others.

Aicha is a certified breath coach and yoga instructor (including antenatal and postnatal), and is registered to work with children, in addition to having collaborated some of the world's greatest performance coaches in a sporting role.

She is a qualified mental health first responder and has studied TCM and Yin Yoga.

Her art has a trauma-informed, inclusive tone to it.


"It smells amazing. What a beautiful way to start your day. Inhale the magic!"

Lisa Snowdon

"I can't believe the feeling it left me with. It opened my eyes to how important breathing is."

Jane Smith

"I got emotional. I found my flow, my breath, and felt fully connected to my body. This will stay with me."

Melissa Jones

Our Mission

The purpose of BreatheByAMCK is to urge people all around the world to take a moment to pause, reconnect, and most importantly, BREATHE. We're constantly bombarded with new tips, tactics, and products. However, the real solution is rather simple. All we have to do now is breathe. I developed breathing practises that worked for me as the CEO and founder of three businesses, as well as a mother of two children. And I can't wait to share what I've learned with you. Join me on this intriguing journey to gain clarity and control over your life.

Breathe, the universe has got you.