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You have 0% control over what happens to you, but 100% control over how you experience it.


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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Distant or strained in your relationships?

Are You Feeling...

Low energy or lethargic? Feeling foggy like you can’t make a decision?

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Troubles with insomnia, night sweats, heart palpitations or tension headaches?

Aicha helps busy and successful people decompress and reconnect with themselves.

BreatheByAMCK Mist helps you connect more deeply to your breathwork.

Now THAT'S wellness.

Give breathing with Aicha a try, enjoy and let go.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t. It’s super simple and will only take ten minutes from your daily routine.

If you don't take a moment, you will end up burned out.

I know because that’s what happened to me. What if I told you that to gain purpose, gratitude and clarity, we just need to breathe.

Get ready to rekindle relationships, regain control, and develop connections. Implement Breathe into your daily routine guided by Aicha for 30 days to transform your life.


About Aicha

Running two successful businesses while leading the charge in the fashion, creative and entertainment industries was taking its toll. In the midst of a breakdown, Aicha was experiencing the chronic physical symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks.


Knowing something had to change

She was drawn back to what she already instinctively knew: the fundamental magic of the mind-breath-body connection.

Aicha created her BreatheByAMCK programmes

After acknowledging how much her wellness practice had helped her transform her own mental health, and knew it would help so many like her to live their best lives too.

Alongside Aicha having trained with some of the world's best performance coaches in a sporting capacity, she has trained and certified as a breath coach and yoga teacher (including ante & post natal), and is registered to work with children.

She has studied TCM and Yin Yoga and is a certified mental health first aider. She brings an inclusive trauma-informed nature to her work.


It smells amazing. What a beautiful way to start your day. Inhale the magic!

Lisa Snowdon

I can't believe the feeling it left me with. It opened my eyes to how important breathing is.

Jane Smith

I got emotional. I found my flow, my breath, and felt fully connected to my body. This will stay with me.

Melissa Jones

Our Mission

The BreatheByAMCK mission is to encourage the world to pause, reconnect and Breathe. We’re constantly being hit by a tidal wave of tips, tricks and products. But really the answer is simple. We just need to Breathe. I created these programmes as CEO and founder of three businesses and the mother of two children. Let me share with you my secrets.

Breathe, the universe has got you.