Meet Aicha

After more than two decades of breaking boundaries in the creative, fashion, and entertainment industries, Aicha McKenzie launched BreatheByAMCK. Known for her success as a CEO, agent, model, gymnast, choreographer, and mother of two, Aicha has taken on a new undertaking that benefits mental and physical health.

"I'm preserving my energy to do exactly the things that feel authentically me"

- Aicha McKenzie


From the outside, Aicha handled her career with grace, but on the inside, Aicha was struggling with debilitating symptoms of anxiety. These symptoms which included panic attacks, physical pain, and insomnia, were a natural side effect of her fast-paced life.

Finding a Solution


Realizing the issue lies in the expectation to constantly be ‘on’, she was now able to step back and see the result of an overworked industry. Refusing to allow burnout the privilege of dismantling her career, she was determined to find a solution. She didn’t have to look far, as she held the solution to her problems within her: The fundamental and transformative magic of the mind-breath-body connection.

Focusing on her breath transformed her mental health and allowed her mind and body to reconnect. Aicha knew the power that breath held and wanted to share it with her peers so they could thrive and be the best versions of themselves. This led to the creation of AMCK Fit, a concierge wellness service, with the purpose of delivering the Calm for Creatives programme directly to the fashion, creative, and entertainment industries.

The Mist

In between live sessions, Aicha was hand-pouring and mixing her specialist products at home in London. The Breathe Mist was developed to become the first point of contact within the breath journey. By stimulating the sense of smell, your neural pathways are creating an unconscious relationship with the mist and the practice. Because smell is so closely linked with memory, every time you spray the mist, your mind will recognize that it is time to take a moment to breathe. This process is so effective because it forms a ritual. When using the mist before each practice, it allows your body and mind to fall in sync and enter an intentional state of mind prepared for breath-work.


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