Zoom Balance



Learn techniques to bring your whole body and mind into alignment. A great place to start.

Upon purchase, you will gain access to the Balance video programme, daily journal and our Spotify playlist. The Balance programme is a great place to start and will equip you with tools that you can use any moment to bring your whole body and mind into alignment. These techniques will help to combat stress and detachment.

You will also receive a Breathe Mist Mini to connect you to your practice, as well as complimentary access to Sunday/Full Moon Classes for four weeks.

The bespoke compositions you can hear within each programme were created by Estelle Rubio exclusively for BreatheByAMCK.  From a dance music background, Estelle slows the tempo and adds a scientific approach that paradoxically mirrors the earliest use of sound (OM) in Yoga and meditative chanting: the use of hypnotic, repetitive oscillations that allow the brain to slow and relax using Delta brainwaves.

The journal section is a very simple format which you can print out, or feel free to use your own. 

Once you've gained access to the videos, you'll have them for life.  


Videography by Josh Kinsella

Design elements by Bryan Edmondson 

Aicha's Makeup by Christiana Amankrah

Music by Estelle Rubio