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Rest and sleep are essential, as important as eating, drinking, and breathing. Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and night sweats are all common symptoms of stress and anxiety. In the Reset programme you'll train your diaphragm, enabling you to breathe more deeply, lower your heart rate and regulate your body temperature.

Reset programme immerses you into a fully comprehensive sensory experience. Enjoy learning transformational breathing techniques guided by Aicha McKenzie, accompanied by soundscapes, composed by legendary Estelle Rubio, and the scent of our beautiful Breathe Mist. The Breathe Mist is a complimentary gift from us to YOU once you purchase the programme because this carefully crafted essential oil mist is here to enhance your daily practice. 

Rest is the foundation of all healing. No deadlines or pressure - rather patience and willingness to take our time and be kind to ourselves.  

Use the Reflection Journal to note how you feel and build your daily practice into a routine that suits you and your schedule best. In no time, you will start to notice how each exercise evokes different feelings and emotions. Try different times of day, explore various locations and notice how you feel each time. Note those new, fresh feelings in your Journal. This will help you build your routine of the tools you have learned and keep breathing mindfully for life. 

As part of your investment, you will receive:


⊛ Four week guided Breathe practice

⊛ Lifetime access to your Reset guided Breathe practices

⊛ Lifetime access to the exclusive BreatheByAMCK Spotify playlist

⊛ Online and on-demand learning resources to complete exercises on your own terms and schedule

⊛ Complimentary Breathe Mist Mini (10ml)

⊛ Complimentary 4 consecutive Sunday Breathe live classes 


 (If purchasing a Four Week Programme, we recommend creating an account with us)


*The bespoke compositions you can hear within each programme were created by Estelle Rubio exclusively for BreatheByAMCK. 


Credits: Videography by Josh Kinsella / Design elements by Bryan Edmondson / Aicha's Makeup by Christiana Amankrah / Music by Estelle Rubio.