Our Launch at Soho Farmhouse

What a day. 
We celebrated our official launch on 16th September the best way we know how - a sumptuous day retreat! Set in the beautifully lulling surrounds of Soho Farmhouse, we had an incredible schedule designed to encourage our attendees to Balance, Reset and Energise.  We thought we'd let you in on a little on the timeline of the day so you can see how our retreats tend to go down! 
First it was to the Cinema room - all lush velvet, low light comfy chairs and beautiful surround sound.  Aicha led a restorative Breathe Class to a packed house.
The accompanying acoustic session was masterfully played by friend of BreatheByAMCK, Estelle Rubio. 
Then it was back to the barn for a little tea break.  We were lucky enough to be joined for the day by the lovely Rianna of Tea and Me, who added another dimension with her beautiful tea ceremonies throughout. 
What a tribe!  With our tea in hand, we transitioned into a circle and slowly opened up with the amazing Zoe Aston of Your Mental Health Workout. Zoe's session was so supportive and enlightening, as always! 
Lunchtime! Such a delicious veggie spread, and every attendee received a complimentary Mist. 
We heard more from Aicha and Rianna about BreatheByAMCK and Tea and Me...
And then it was all topped off with the class of dreams.  Fire burning, beautifully crafted soundscapes from Estelle Rubio, blankets, rugs and BreatheByAMCK mist.  Heaven! 

We really had the most special day.  We so appreciate everyone who joined us on the 16th (if you didn't, you'll always be welcome with BreatheByAMCK!), everyone who's ever sent a kind word, anyone who's ever purchased anything from us, anyone who has supported by following us on Instagram or in any of the other multitude of ways. Thank you. 

We might have come a long way but this is still just the beginning.  

Team BreatheByAMCK 


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